The bird interpretive signage inside the main Lost Valley aviary
The Lost Valley logo is carved into the rock at the entrance of the Lost Valley area
Beautiful macaw feathers showing a variety of rainbow colours with the trainers from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's Lost Valley
The view from the waterfall at currumbin's Lost Valley
Interpretive signage showing a timeline of earth, gondwana, pangea and more at lost valley currumbin wildlife sanctuary
Ali and the lemurs at Lost Valley main avairy
Family friendly fun at currumbin on the gold coast australia looking at wildlife
Cotton top tamarin large oversize interp near the monkeys at currumbin wildlife sanctuary
Ring-tailed lemur large oversize interp in the rainforest setting of lost valley
A close up of the interpretive signage showing the tree kangaroo
Students looking in the paperbark tree for the sleeping red panda
Red panda interp in a small size on the boardwalk at the mid seciton of Lost Valley
A young family overlooks the pond and flowing pebble stream at the northern end of Currumbin's Lost Valley

Project: Lost Valley
Client: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A complete brand package for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's newest experience - Lost Valley. This brief was to takeover a semi-concepted project and deliver a full brand package within a short timeframe. Inclusive of this was interpretive and interactive signage, wayfinding, merchandise, marketing material, print and digital assets and liaising with suppliers to adhere to strict timeframes and budgets.