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Postcard Graphic Design and Branding project for Cellarmasters, using gold foil on 200GSM stock by Danny Armstrong Studio.

Gold Foil Postcard
Gold Foil Postcard Side Angle
Gold Foil Postcard for Cellarmasters

Project: Gold Foil Free Delivery Postcards
Client: Cellarmasters

This project was a simple brief, to come up with a postcard that would stand out to repeat Cellarmasters customers. The idea was the keep the postcard as minimal as possible, as Cellarmasters customers are quite used to receiving material that is heavy in content. The product behind the campaign spoke for itself, offering customers free delivery on wines orders for a year. With a premium offer like this, we tested the postcard using a gold foil finish, for a sleek look and something unique that we hadn't done before. The stock was thick enough (200GSM) to make sure it lasted, and was something you could keep on display in your home.