Invasion Day Off

There is still a solid long period swell left hanging around thanks to Cyclone Victor, so Kel and I decided to spend 'Invasion Day' exploring the South Coast yesterday. It was an epic day of driving, food, coffee, surfing, hiking, animals, rain, injuries and singalongs. Days off, out of the office are so refreshing - especially when visiting the waves in some of the South Coast national parks. The preserved environment is a great reminder of how Australia would have been before it was colonised on the day that Australia celebrates.

Kelly feeding some lorikeets chunder bun.

Looking tired from the 3:45am wake up, but happy to see some friendly locals.

Bodysurfing the shorey in the rain, just before I dislocated my shoulder.

South Coast pride, some native birds and the scenic Bawley point.

Worth the drive and walk to watch these big bombs unfold.

South Coast, Sydney, NSW