Summer lovin'

It's been a long time since my last post. Around 7 months has passed by. I've seen seasons change, faces come and go and family members get older. Our nieces and nephews have been growing so fast, in the flash of an eye and it's hard missing out living so far away.

I haven't had a great deal of time to do anything super creative, as I've had my head down saving for the most part of the year with Kelly for some future plans.

I finished up in my role as a designer for Cellarmasters. I was able to help roll out a freshly baked batch of brand guidelines that saw my last couple of months under the pump, so it was nice to see that project out and deliver it.

In terms of travel, Kelly and I just got back from a trip to WA, which saw us drive 2330 km's over 4 days. I'm highly unlikely to do again, as fun as it was. That red-eye coming from Perth is a real stanky one on the way home, but it was made worth it by the amount of cool things we saw along the road.

The goldfields are currently displaying the best wildflower season in 100 years, which is so nerdy, but also really cool to be able to see - especially before the summer sun comes through and scorches the flora in those parts.

We've also had a couple of memorable swells, which I have pretty much missed on every occasion because of my working hours, but I copped that last one and it was great to be able to get down to one of my favourite novelty wedges in the state.

Hopefully the next post will see some more images, most of my images are on rolls of film that need to be developed. Now with no job and lots of time on my hands, I will be able to shoot more. I'm not even sure anyone checks this blog, but I'll have to keep this updated and share these images for myself to look back on.

Kelly, Dog, Louis, RIP, Broadbeach, Bombala, Street, Gold Coast.
Kelly, Dog, Louis, RIP, Broadbeach, Bombala, Street, Gold Coast.
Mackenzies, Bay, Surfing, Waves, Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Dawn, Sunrise
Mackenzies, Bay, Surfing, Waves, Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Dawn, Sunrise
La Perouse, Surfing, Sydney, Botany Bay, Bodyboard, Wave
La Perouse, Surfing, Sydney, Botany Bay, Bodyboard, Wave
Waves, Surfing, Maroubra, Photography, Surfing.
Waves, Surfing, Maroubra, Photography, Surfing.
Perth, City, Kelly, Shaw, Alex Hotel
Perth, City, Kelly, Shaw, Alex Hotel
Flora, Western Australia, Ravensthorpe, WA, Road Trip, Travel

Flora, Western Australia, Ravensthorpe, WA, Road Trip, Travel

Danny Armstrong Studio is a graphic design and brand studio, located in Currumbin, Gold Coast Australia. Through research and workshopping, I specialise in creating branded material four business and individuals, to create engaging visual communication that incites curiosity through the use of simple, minimal and fundamental design principles.

Arvo light with Jed


I got to shoot a couple of portraits for a story on violence Jed Smith wrote on the weekend. It's up live on and you can find it here.  Jed is always on the pulse, hunting for engaging stories to write about and ruffle feathers or provoke interest. His almost gonzo journalism is a breath of fresh air and always an exciting read when something pops up with his name attached to it.


He runs a podcast with Vaughn Dead of the Goons of Doom called Ain't That Swell and throws up some classic surf coverage vids with friend Kirk Docker via The Pipeline.

Be sure to check them out. Happy Monday!

Oahu last daze/Big Island

I got to jump in the water and shoot some water photos yesterday for the first time on the North Shore which was pretty fun/scary. The swell died down enough to jump out at Rockpiles and shoot a 5-6ft NW swell. I definitely swallowed a few big gulps of water with the standard triple sized sets coming through clearing the lineup. A couple of light scrapings on the reef made me realise how nuts some of the OG water photogs are that frequent that stretch of beach on big days and how quickly my asshole can tighten when I'm in fear. Onto a new island today - the big island of Hawaii. The plane landed over a runway that was cut through fields of lava next to some really clear bays. We checked in with our Air BnB hosts and hit Kahaluu Beach Park for some snorkelling and people watching - it was cool and full of all walks of humans, most floundering around itching dangerously close to sea urchins.

Bomb rolling through Rockpiles on the first day shooting water with a 24mm lens.

Yesterday turned into a fun park with 3-4 foot ramps on the shore.

Fading day on Keiki Beach

Fresh lei vending machine, Honolulu Airport.

Kahaluu Point, looked suss for snorkelling but turned out amazing.

Underwater scene at Kahaluu Point.


We landed into Oahu this morning after an all-nighter from Sydney yesterday arvo. Planes gross me out in general, but when you're sitting on there with a few hundred strong, frugal vacation-bound travellers it can be nek-level fucked up. Anyway, we made it into Honolulu and headed straight to Waikiki in our VW Beetle to freshen up and check the sights. First up Ala Moana, to see where my childhood idols (Kainoa, Aka) surfed and to go for a walk and get some blood flowing. Next up was Waikiki beach, where we hired some mals and surfed a marshmallowey outer reef. There were some turtles popping up from the reef which kept Kel busy while I got to surf a fun left.

After we cleansed the soul of Jetstar's economy marinade, we got in the car and headed straight to the north shore. We arrived into the back end of a fading 30 foot swell with leftovers in the 10-15ft range throughout the afternoon at the more exposed spots. Pipe had 3rd reef waves coming through and I could think of so many other people I'd rather be than the guys out there, but they really put on a show. Waimea was a bit wonky and looked like a great wave for pippie hunting if you're into diving 25m deep under a set.

We finished the day being little piglets by hitting the Waimea Valley markets for some shrimp curry and watched people get smoked in the shorey. Sitting here typing this, it's crazy to come back the the house and feel the house shake from the waves hitting the reef out the front of the place.







Watching people scrap for the horizon when second and third reef bombs came through caused a little bit of anxiety.


Woman waits for public transport on the highway, surrounded by lush green.



James - A Photo Show

One of my good friends James Adams, also known as Larry, is having his first solo exhibition next week on the 23rd of January from 6pm. Larry is a Gold Coast migrant who has been working extremely hard over the past few years and following his photographic dreams by pursuing a Lester Bangs-esque approach to photography. Starting out shooting bodyboarding and moving on to bigger things, he has put in the hard yards to be able to showcase a crazy catalogue of images for the public to view.

The exhibition will be located at Good Space above The Lord Gladstone. Entry is free and Wild Honey and Heavy Lids will be playing, along with DJs and cheap beers put on by Young Henrys.

Go here for more info and RSVP - and visit or

Very proud friend post, yew!

Larry at his first Sydney gig with The Front studio.

Few too many beers at sunset on the old rooftop of 426.

Larry at the Roadhouse, SA desert.