Saturday at home/piggery.

Spending the Saturday at home in Sydney is a rarity for most people, but has become the norm for me. I'm enjoying Sydney and what is has to offer this summer instead of wasting my weekends hungover and it feels great. Kel and I are off to Hawaii in two weeks, so I've cleared the CF card in my camera and am putting the shots onto my hard drive in preparation. Whilst putting the images on my hard drive I looked back through some of my travels and think of how much things have changed on the road and how piggery some of my trips used to be (boys will be boys). If only Kelly new how luxury I travel with her now, instead of like this.

Now I feel ill.

Have a cracking saturday!

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snow, travel, food

Most of my nights on the road in the states ended like this. Almost cringeworthy now!

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Some sort of tropical infection that had be bedridden for days with the flu in Mexico.

One of the many holes left in my skin whilst travelling around the east coast of the US. Ended up going to the hospital because this was a staph infection that got quite gnarly.