Annual Leave

Just got back from annual leave in Tasmania, with Kel. We covered a fair amount of KMs in a motorhome and toured from Hobart, clockwise around the west coast, up to the north, down the midlands back to Hobart and then finishing in Lake St Clair at The Pumphouse. Such a cool island, it’s our third trip their together and we saw a few new animals we hadn’t seen in the flesh. I even found a scorpion in my pocket. Here are a few images from our trip and a video to sum it up for Kel’s 30th, a clip I uploaded to instagram.

Hand written signage on a truck in Port Arthur.

Hand written signage on a truck in Port Arthur.

Waves at Remarkables Cave, Southern Tas.

Waves at Remarkables Cave, Southern Tas.

Funghi growing in the sub tropical forest of Nelson Falls.

Funghi growing in the sub tropical forest of Nelson Falls.

Cascade Draught from our camp spot in Strahan.

Cascade Draught from our camp spot in Strahan.

Kelly at Platypus Bay, Lake St Claire

Kelly at Platypus Bay, Lake St Claire

A wombat in the Marshland behind Pumphouse Point accomodation on Lake St Claire

A wombat in the Marshland behind Pumphouse Point accomodation on Lake St Claire

Kelly walking along the leafy bank river at Ross.

Kelly walking along the leafy bank river at Ross.

Oahu last daze/Big Island

I got to jump in the water and shoot some water photos yesterday for the first time on the North Shore which was pretty fun/scary. The swell died down enough to jump out at Rockpiles and shoot a 5-6ft NW swell. I definitely swallowed a few big gulps of water with the standard triple sized sets coming through clearing the lineup. A couple of light scrapings on the reef made me realise how nuts some of the OG water photogs are that frequent that stretch of beach on big days and how quickly my asshole can tighten when I'm in fear. Onto a new island today - the big island of Hawaii. The plane landed over a runway that was cut through fields of lava next to some really clear bays. We checked in with our Air BnB hosts and hit Kahaluu Beach Park for some snorkelling and people watching - it was cool and full of all walks of humans, most floundering around itching dangerously close to sea urchins.

Bomb rolling through Rockpiles on the first day shooting water with a 24mm lens.

Yesterday turned into a fun park with 3-4 foot ramps on the shore.

Fading day on Keiki Beach

Fresh lei vending machine, Honolulu Airport.

Kahaluu Point, looked suss for snorkelling but turned out amazing.

Underwater scene at Kahaluu Point.


We landed into Oahu this morning after an all-nighter from Sydney yesterday arvo. Planes gross me out in general, but when you're sitting on there with a few hundred strong, frugal vacation-bound travellers it can be nek-level fucked up. Anyway, we made it into Honolulu and headed straight to Waikiki in our VW Beetle to freshen up and check the sights. First up Ala Moana, to see where my childhood idols (Kainoa, Aka) surfed and to go for a walk and get some blood flowing. Next up was Waikiki beach, where we hired some mals and surfed a marshmallowey outer reef. There were some turtles popping up from the reef which kept Kel busy while I got to surf a fun left.

After we cleansed the soul of Jetstar's economy marinade, we got in the car and headed straight to the north shore. We arrived into the back end of a fading 30 foot swell with leftovers in the 10-15ft range throughout the afternoon at the more exposed spots. Pipe had 3rd reef waves coming through and I could think of so many other people I'd rather be than the guys out there, but they really put on a show. Waimea was a bit wonky and looked like a great wave for pippie hunting if you're into diving 25m deep under a set.

We finished the day being little piglets by hitting the Waimea Valley markets for some shrimp curry and watched people get smoked in the shorey. Sitting here typing this, it's crazy to come back the the house and feel the house shake from the waves hitting the reef out the front of the place.







Watching people scrap for the horizon when second and third reef bombs came through caused a little bit of anxiety.


Woman waits for public transport on the highway, surrounded by lush green.



Meeting Seiji

Last night I met a guy called Seiji, through my good mate Jed. Seiji is from Tokyo and looking to live here for an extended amount of time. I thought it'd be a great idea to get to know him and show him sights further south of Sydney. So we decided to get up at 5am and beelined it to Jervis Bay. Meeting Jamie and Spence down there, we got fun waves at Berrara, ate mangos on Hyam's Beach, watched dolphins at Sussex and chilled in front of the fire at my Spence's new shack in Tomerong. The only thing that could've made his day better was remembering his little weed pouch to enjoy his passenger ride home.

I can't write structured sentences to save my life because I'm too cooked from the sun, but it was a cracker day.

Seiji getting high.

Hyams Beach is insane.

The shack sits amongst a crazy amount of wildlife and is dwarfed by the gums that surround it.

The inside of Spencer and Tamara's shack. The wall is being put together with recycled wood from palettes.

Tamara, Jamie and Seiji hanging out by the fire after a long cooking in the sun.

Spence doing his best to look busy.

Saturday at home/piggery.

Spending the Saturday at home in Sydney is a rarity for most people, but has become the norm for me. I'm enjoying Sydney and what is has to offer this summer instead of wasting my weekends hungover and it feels great. Kel and I are off to Hawaii in two weeks, so I've cleared the CF card in my camera and am putting the shots onto my hard drive in preparation. Whilst putting the images on my hard drive I looked back through some of my travels and think of how much things have changed on the road and how piggery some of my trips used to be (boys will be boys). If only Kelly new how luxury I travel with her now, instead of like this.

Now I feel ill.

Have a cracking saturday!

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Most of my nights on the road in the states ended like this. Almost cringeworthy now!

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Some sort of tropical infection that had be bedridden for days with the flu in Mexico.

One of the many holes left in my skin whilst travelling around the east coast of the US. Ended up going to the hospital because this was a staph infection that got quite gnarly.

My 5 favourite VSCO images from 2015

I use VSCO on my phone, just for a bit of fun and to relieve boredom in waiting rooms, on transport etc. The ease of editing photos on your mobile makes everyone a photographer (see instagram). Nevertheless it's a pretty rad app and comes up with some cool results at your fingertips. Here are my 5 favourite images from my VSCO library in 2015, uploaded from my phone, most probably in low-res. ant, mound, danny armstrong photography, australia, desert

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