Arvo light with Jed


I got to shoot a couple of portraits for a story on violence Jed Smith wrote on the weekend. It's up live on and you can find it here.  Jed is always on the pulse, hunting for engaging stories to write about and ruffle feathers or provoke interest. His almost gonzo journalism is a breath of fresh air and always an exciting read when something pops up with his name attached to it.


He runs a podcast with Vaughn Dead of the Goons of Doom called Ain't That Swell and throws up some classic surf coverage vids with friend Kirk Docker via The Pipeline.

Be sure to check them out. Happy Monday!

Surf Doggin'

It's been a while since I've used my housing and even a longer time since I've used it in any fun kind of waves. Since moving to Sydney, surfing has definitely taken a back seat. Living in the most crowded city in Australia, it's always better for the mindset to find a nice area and go for a little dip to clear your head and leave the thousands of battlers and frustrated surfers to fight it out for a sub-par wave in the area.

In saying that, when there is a really good swell, I'm generally off on the road chasing a swell. Here are a few shots that have been laying around collecting dust.


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