The fog sets in

It's always a nice drive along the old highway through Northern NSW, but even more special in Autumn, when the morning fog makes its way over the hills of Duranbah and smother the fields to the west, all the way out to Murwillumbah and beyond. I stopped to take a few snaps this morning on my Nikon, because you never know when it might end. I cherish these days where we can still breathe fresh air and find space. Something that future generations will struggle to find. I wonder what this area will be in 50 years, or if we will realise that the wealth is in the fruits that this land provides.

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Invasion Day Off

There is still a solid long period swell left hanging around thanks to Cyclone Victor, so Kel and I decided to spend 'Invasion Day' exploring the South Coast yesterday. It was an epic day of driving, food, coffee, surfing, hiking, animals, rain, injuries and singalongs. Days off, out of the office are so refreshing - especially when visiting the waves in some of the South Coast national parks. The preserved environment is a great reminder of how Australia would have been before it was colonised on the day that Australia celebrates.

Kelly feeding some lorikeets chunder bun.

Looking tired from the 3:45am wake up, but happy to see some friendly locals.

Bodysurfing the shorey in the rain, just before I dislocated my shoulder.

South Coast pride, some native birds and the scenic Bawley point.

Worth the drive and walk to watch these big bombs unfold.

South Coast, Sydney, NSW

Meeting Seiji

Last night I met a guy called Seiji, through my good mate Jed. Seiji is from Tokyo and looking to live here for an extended amount of time. I thought it'd be a great idea to get to know him and show him sights further south of Sydney. So we decided to get up at 5am and beelined it to Jervis Bay. Meeting Jamie and Spence down there, we got fun waves at Berrara, ate mangos on Hyam's Beach, watched dolphins at Sussex and chilled in front of the fire at my Spence's new shack in Tomerong. The only thing that could've made his day better was remembering his little weed pouch to enjoy his passenger ride home.

I can't write structured sentences to save my life because I'm too cooked from the sun, but it was a cracker day.

Seiji getting high.

Hyams Beach is insane.

The shack sits amongst a crazy amount of wildlife and is dwarfed by the gums that surround it.

The inside of Spencer and Tamara's shack. The wall is being put together with recycled wood from palettes.

Tamara, Jamie and Seiji hanging out by the fire after a long cooking in the sun.

Spence doing his best to look busy.

A date with my new 24mm glass

Souths 360 flip
Souths 360 flip

Got a new toy today and spent the afternoon shooting around Redfern and the Fernside skate park to get the hang of it. Met a rad gent by the name of Nathan who lives in Tokyo. He was over here on holiday, giving the pipe a nudge and friendly enough to say hello. Winter light is off it's head, but I've got a lot of learning to do with this new (old) lens on my d800e.

Fernside 50-50
Fernside 50-50
Alf in the kitchen
Alf in the kitchen