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Saturday at home/piggery.

Spending the Saturday at home in Sydney is a rarity for most people, but has become the norm for me. I'm enjoying Sydney and what is has to offer this summer instead of wasting my weekends hungover and it feels great. Kel and I are off to Hawaii in two weeks, so I've cleared the CF card in my camera and am putting the shots onto my hard drive in preparation. Whilst putting the images on my hard drive I looked back through some of my travels and think of how much things have changed on the road and how piggery some of my trips used to be (boys will be boys). If only Kelly new how luxury I travel with her now, instead of like this.

Now I feel ill.

Have a cracking saturday!

Travel, food, stinky

snow, travel, food

Most of my nights on the road in the states ended like this. Almost cringeworthy now!

Travel, queensland, boys, beer

Some sort of tropical infection that had be bedridden for days with the flu in Mexico.

One of the many holes left in my skin whilst travelling around the east coast of the US. Ended up going to the hospital because this was a staph infection that got quite gnarly.

My 5 favourite VSCO images from 2015

I use VSCO on my phone, just for a bit of fun and to relieve boredom in waiting rooms, on transport etc. The ease of editing photos on your mobile makes everyone a photographer (see instagram). Nevertheless it's a pretty rad app and comes up with some cool results at your fingertips. Here are my 5 favourite images from my VSCO library in 2015, uploaded from my phone, most probably in low-res. ant, mound, danny armstrong photography, australia, desert

surf, photo, danny armstrong photography, bw

tasmania, explore, binalong bay, bay of fires


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December Scans #2

In addition to the last post, here are some colour images from the Konica that was gifted to me from my girlfriends sister Lindy. Shot on Fuji Velvia 100 ISO and sent to Hillvale to be developed externally. Just like the last post, no post processing on these ones and they need a proper scan. Gotta love the colours of Velvia. photo, portrait, saturated, beach, coke, fuji, velvia, Danny Armstrong photo,

farm, nsw, australia, ricoh, 35mm, fuji, velvia, Danny Armstrong photo,

farm, nsw, australia, ricoh, 35mm, fuji, velvia, Danny Armstrong photo,

Kelly, portrait, Danny Armstrong photo,

farm, nsw, cobaki, Danny Armstrong photo,

summer, surf, sydney, tamarama, Danny Armstrong photo,

December scans

I hope everyone had a great new year! I certainly did. Very chilled for once and it was great fun heading up to explore Shoal Bay for the first time. Anyway, last month I got some scans back from Hillvale Photo in Melbourne. It was the first time I'd used the service which was pretty handy if you are after a no frills development service with plenty of time up your sleeve.

I haven't received notification of where my negatives are, although I did receive the digital scans in a dropbox link. The scans were pretty bad and contained a lot of noise, especially on the Black and White Portra 400 film. I'm not sure if it's from the user or developer end because I haven't seen the physical negs, but I might choose to go somewhere else next time.

All of the photos uploaded in my film contain no post processing from my end, to keep the original in tact. I'm not sure what spec Hillvale are running, but the contrast and gamma differs on nearly every shot. Once I get the negs back, I will get them under a lightbox and properly scan them. Here are the best of the bunch of the Black and White roll:

Cadillac, car, kodak, BW, 35mm

Cadillac, car, kodak, BW, 35mm

Rain, Sydney, Weather, ricoh, kodak, BW

Birds, ubran, smoko, sydney, city

Family, Waves, Surf, Bondi Beach.

Rainbow, Surry Hills, Concrete, Urban, Exploring.

Rainbow, Surry Hills, Concrete, Urban, Exploring.

Alvy, newborn, child, parents, ricoh, high grain, kodak

Surf Doggin'

It's been a while since I've used my housing and even a longer time since I've used it in any fun kind of waves. Since moving to Sydney, surfing has definitely taken a back seat. Living in the most crowded city in Australia, it's always better for the mindset to find a nice area and go for a little dip to clear your head and leave the thousands of battlers and frustrated surfers to fight it out for a sub-par wave in the area.

In saying that, when there is a really good swell, I'm generally off on the road chasing a swell. Here are a few shots that have been laying around collecting dust.


Shark, Island, Surfing, Waves,

Surfing, Wave, NSW, Purple, Foam

A date with my new 24mm glass

Souths 360 flip
Souths 360 flip

Got a new toy today and spent the afternoon shooting around Redfern and the Fernside skate park to get the hang of it. Met a rad gent by the name of Nathan who lives in Tokyo. He was over here on holiday, giving the pipe a nudge and friendly enough to say hello. Winter light is off it's head, but I've got a lot of learning to do with this new (old) lens on my d800e.

Fernside 50-50
Fernside 50-50
Alf in the kitchen
Alf in the kitchen