Kirra for an arvo

We had a pretty solid Easterly swell roll through the east coast of Australia over the last week. The waves were big and grinding along the southern points. With new work comittments, I could only get out for a couple of hours on the last day. We have a new peak in swell today, so hopefully the conditions align this afternoon and there is something chunky to shoot. Some swell leftover shots below.

Surf Doggin'

It's been a while since I've used my housing and even a longer time since I've used it in any fun kind of waves. Since moving to Sydney, surfing has definitely taken a back seat. Living in the most crowded city in Australia, it's always better for the mindset to find a nice area and go for a little dip to clear your head and leave the thousands of battlers and frustrated surfers to fight it out for a sub-par wave in the area.

In saying that, when there is a really good swell, I'm generally off on the road chasing a swell. Here are a few shots that have been laying around collecting dust.


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