Summer lovin'

It's been a long time since my last post. Around 7 months has passed by. I've seen seasons change, faces come and go and family members get older. Our nieces and nephews have been growing so fast, in the flash of an eye and it's hard missing out living so far away.

I haven't had a great deal of time to do anything super creative, as I've had my head down saving for the most part of the year with Kelly for some future plans.

I finished up in my role as a designer for Cellarmasters. I was able to help roll out a freshly baked batch of brand guidelines that saw my last couple of months under the pump, so it was nice to see that project out and deliver it.

In terms of travel, Kelly and I just got back from a trip to WA, which saw us drive 2330 km's over 4 days. I'm highly unlikely to do again, as fun as it was. That red-eye coming from Perth is a real stanky one on the way home, but it was made worth it by the amount of cool things we saw along the road.

The goldfields are currently displaying the best wildflower season in 100 years, which is so nerdy, but also really cool to be able to see - especially before the summer sun comes through and scorches the flora in those parts.

We've also had a couple of memorable swells, which I have pretty much missed on every occasion because of my working hours, but I copped that last one and it was great to be able to get down to one of my favourite novelty wedges in the state.

Hopefully the next post will see some more images, most of my images are on rolls of film that need to be developed. Now with no job and lots of time on my hands, I will be able to shoot more. I'm not even sure anyone checks this blog, but I'll have to keep this updated and share these images for myself to look back on.

Kelly, Dog, Louis, RIP, Broadbeach, Bombala, Street, Gold Coast.
Kelly, Dog, Louis, RIP, Broadbeach, Bombala, Street, Gold Coast.
Mackenzies, Bay, Surfing, Waves, Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Dawn, Sunrise
Mackenzies, Bay, Surfing, Waves, Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Dawn, Sunrise
La Perouse, Surfing, Sydney, Botany Bay, Bodyboard, Wave
La Perouse, Surfing, Sydney, Botany Bay, Bodyboard, Wave
Waves, Surfing, Maroubra, Photography, Surfing.
Waves, Surfing, Maroubra, Photography, Surfing.
Perth, City, Kelly, Shaw, Alex Hotel
Perth, City, Kelly, Shaw, Alex Hotel
Flora, Western Australia, Ravensthorpe, WA, Road Trip, Travel

Flora, Western Australia, Ravensthorpe, WA, Road Trip, Travel

Danny Armstrong Studio is a graphic design and brand studio, located in Currumbin, Gold Coast Australia. Through research and workshopping, I specialise in creating branded material four business and individuals, to create engaging visual communication that incites curiosity through the use of simple, minimal and fundamental design principles.

Meeting Seiji

Last night I met a guy called Seiji, through my good mate Jed. Seiji is from Tokyo and looking to live here for an extended amount of time. I thought it'd be a great idea to get to know him and show him sights further south of Sydney. So we decided to get up at 5am and beelined it to Jervis Bay. Meeting Jamie and Spence down there, we got fun waves at Berrara, ate mangos on Hyam's Beach, watched dolphins at Sussex and chilled in front of the fire at my Spence's new shack in Tomerong. The only thing that could've made his day better was remembering his little weed pouch to enjoy his passenger ride home.

I can't write structured sentences to save my life because I'm too cooked from the sun, but it was a cracker day.

Seiji getting high.

Hyams Beach is insane.

The shack sits amongst a crazy amount of wildlife and is dwarfed by the gums that surround it.

The inside of Spencer and Tamara's shack. The wall is being put together with recycled wood from palettes.

Tamara, Jamie and Seiji hanging out by the fire after a long cooking in the sun.

Spence doing his best to look busy.

Maroubra Summer

It's been crazy hot in Sydney lately. Living in the city, there is always a need to get rid of the city grime and the closest place to do that (least traffic) is Maroubra. Yesterday was in the mid-30s and today is supposed to hit 38-39 in Sydney. Maroubra is a cultural melting pot and a great place to people watch while you are cooling off.







My 5 favourite VSCO images from 2015

I use VSCO on my phone, just for a bit of fun and to relieve boredom in waiting rooms, on transport etc. The ease of editing photos on your mobile makes everyone a photographer (see instagram). Nevertheless it's a pretty rad app and comes up with some cool results at your fingertips. Here are my 5 favourite images from my VSCO library in 2015, uploaded from my phone, most probably in low-res. ant, mound, danny armstrong photography, australia, desert

surf, photo, danny armstrong photography, bw

tasmania, explore, binalong bay, bay of fires


Kelly, Hot Springs, Darwin, NT, Explore, Danny Armstrong Photogrphy,

Muslim, Mosque, Sydney, Religion, White Coats, Danny Armstrong photography