North sure thing

Second day on the North Shore today. I could probably fill a small swimming pool with the amount of pterygiums I saw on eyes stretching from Waimea to Sunset. There sure are plenty of sea-dogs in this town, washed up or not, they live in a great place. We got up early to check pipe, where they were running trials for the Volcom Pro. We watched a couple of heats with some Acai bowls in hand (pure sugar health food) and then continued on the bikes to check out some more sights.

Sunset lived up to expectations, in terms of scenery and tourists, with waves that were probably about 30-40 stacked fedoras high. Around the corner is V-Land where we got to throw some ultra foggy speedo goggles on and swim with turtles in the flats.

As all scottish/irish descendants do, we retreated to the shade mid afternoon for some R&R and soaked up some of the relaxing landscape, watching another day fold it's way in to the memory bank.

I was shattered to rock up to Keiki and see it unswimmable because of sharp rock.

Kel at Crispy Grinz stocking up on a sugar filled bowl of Acai.

Jamie 0's house, Pipeline.

Sunset/V-Land surf check

Rock Piles was pumping with noone out most of the day.

Pupakea garage

My turtle photos suck ass, but swimming with them was so rad.

Waves blowing up Shark Cove

Bottom turning at Off The Wall.

Off the wall sunset